Intestinal Parasites - the harm, pain and the embarrassment

I think the first thing to say about parasites of any kind is that they do not help you. They should not be confused with friendly bacteria that you often find in the stomach and intestines.

The word parasite comes from a Greek word parasitos, which literally meant to eat at someone else's table.

How do parasites survive?

Parasites literally live of a combination of you, your blood and the food that you eat.

Their preferred living environment is the body of a mammal.

Do parasites travel around somehow?

Some parasites prefer to live in certain species, such as in dogs or cats. But almost all parasites can also live inside a human.

Parasites can even travel round the body, mainly in the blood stream. Some can even burrow through tissues and even travel along muscle fibres and other circulatory systems of the body, such as the lymphatic system.

It seems that the colon and intestines are a perfect environment for lots of parasites. It is warm, moist, rich in blood supply and there is also pre-digested food that certain parasites prefer.

Parasites are quite common in humans

Many people can catch parasites and not even realise it if it is a mild infestation. However, sometimes it can be very severe and can cause numerous health problems.

Either way, it is not a nice thing to happen and thankfully there are some natural, traditional remedies, which can help with this problem.

Can anything be done about parasites and worms?

There are certain drug combinations that you can take for this problem. But they are rather harsh and can easily upset the delicate balance of the body's digestive system.

The good thing about using a more natural approach is that it is usually a more gentle approach and without the side-effects that drugs can cause. Here's the natural approach:


You must realise though that to properly get rid of these little and not so little monsters, you will have to do certain step by step procedures. There may also be a few minor dietary changes to make for a few weeks.

But this is a small price to pay to get rid of intestinal parasites. We suggest you do some more research and then take the appropriate action to handle the problem.




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